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US soldiers being killed at fastest rate in three years

According to IraqCasualties, an average of nearly 4 US soldiers are being killed each day in Iraq. This is the highest average since April, 2004. Civilian casualties appear to continue unabated.

No wonder Bush is putting off the evaluation of the surge for another 5 months.


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Pet food, yogurt makers, and China: you get what you pay for.

You know the story on pet food and melamine. Last week I tossed a yogurt maker that just quit working. Made in China. Today I happened to see these comments at dKos:


The real problem wasn’t the American pet-food companies, but the Chinese food manufacturers that deliberately tainted the food.

This is only the second time I’ve seen those allegations, the other was on NPR. Not a single MSM source so far (that I’ve seen) has mentioned it.

I’ve dealt with Chinese companies in manufacturing, and THEY ALWAYS GIVE GREAT PROTOTYPES AND FIRST-RUN PRODUCTS, THEN THEY TURN TO CRAP.

This is how they do business. I say we ban all imported Chinese food products that aren’t inspected before they enter the country. If they don’t like it, fuck them, and I really mean that. Kill their economy if they can’t respect our food supply.

everyone i know of in business says the same thing

prototypes == perfect

long term production === crap.

you have to ride their asses continuously to keep quality up. they take any short cut they can. what we consider lying is their normal way of doing business


And of course there are other reasons not to buy Chinese goods: our balance of payment is way out of whack, and the Chinese are doing a lot of damage to the environment.




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