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An idea whose time hasn’t come: caffeine in your soap


The soap, called Shower Shock, supplies the caffeine equivalent of two cups of coffee per wash, with the stimulant absorbed naturally through the skin, manufacturers say.

“Tired of waking up and having to wait for your morning (coffee) to brew?” ask the makers, thinkgeek.com.

Scented with peppermint oil, each bar is designed to provide a stimulant boost within five minutes.

Now, if I wanted caffeine without coffee, I think I would down a NoDoz @15 cents per. Am I wrong? Am I wrong?

What’s next? Penicillin in your sunscreen ?


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Conning for Jesus

Read this if you dare.


Being born again, and the process it entails, is more often about submission and the surrender of moral responsibility than genuine belief.

I attended a five-day seminar at Coral Ridge in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where I was taught, often by D. James Kennedy, the techniques of conversion. The callousness of these techniques—targeting the vulnerable, building false friendships with those who were lonely or troubled, promising to relieve people of the most fundamental dreads of human existence from the fear of morality to the numbing pain of grief—gave to the process an awful cruelty and dishonesty. I attended the seminar as part of the research for my book “American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America.” Kennedy openly called converts “recruits” and spoke about them joining a new political force sweeping across the country to reshape and reform America into a Christian state.

“I would always go in first, introduce myself, Jim Kennedy,” Kennedy told us. “I’m checking the lay of the land and I will look around the living room and see if there’s something there that I can comment about. Frequently, there will be a large picture somewhere and where did they put it, this picture … why would they put it over the fireplace? Significant.”

“In Ft. Lauderdale you don’t find too many fireplaces,” he added smiling, “but there’s some kind of central focus. Maybe … golf trophies … I’m over here looking at these golf trophies … painting … I say… beautiful painting, did you paint that? The first rule about looking at trophies, don’t touch them … did you win all those trophies? So we have a little conversation about golf, but I know enough about golf to have this conversation … now what have I done? I’m making a friend.”

“Compliment them on whatever you can,” Kennedy said, “discuss what they do, you’re going to find out what are their hobbies, maybe right there in the living room. Then you’re going to ask them about what they do, where they’re from, how long they’ve been there … something to discuss with them … in doing this, you have made a friend.”

We are told to “emphasize the positive” and “identify with your prospect.” We are encouraged in the green “Evangelism Explosion” instruction manual to use sentences such as “It is wonderful to know when I lay my head on my pillow tonight that if I do not awaken in bed in the morning, I will awaken in paradise with God.” We are told to paint graphic pictures of personal tragedy that God has helped solve, such as: “I had a Christian son killed in Vietnam, yet my heart is filled with peace because I know he has eternal life.  Even though he was killed by an enemy mortar, he has a home now in heaven, and one day we’ll be reunited there.” We are instructed to pepper our testimonies with words like love, peace, faithfulness, forgiveness, hope, purpose and obedience and remember to talk about how we have found, in our own conversion, “courage in the face of death.”


Since this site is only rated PG-13, I can’t go on with the quoting. You will have to follow the link for the rest of the obscenities.


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Bush: Gonzales answered “as honestly as he could.” WTF?

 how about just “honestly”?  would that be too much to ask for from the people’s chief law enforcement officer? I guess so.


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Passengers headed for Vegas, prepare for interrogation and cavity searches

’cause a lot of you are “up to something…”

A Transportation Security Administration effort to screen air travelers for suspicious behavior is on track to come to Denver International Airport this year, subjecting passengers to observation and small talk from agents looking for signs of deception.

The SPOT program – short for “screening passengers by observation technique” – is modeled after Israeli security measures that pick up on facial expressions, body language and other involuntary reactions that occur when people lie. TSA officials won’t list which behaviors raise concerns or say how many screeners are involved, citing security concerns.

“We’re not just looking for people who seem suspicious, TSA spokeswoman Ann Davis said. “We’re looking for behaviors that have been proven by scientific research to indicate that an individual is suppressing high levels of stress or fear or deception. People who are up to something, basically.”

Travelers who raise behavioral flags or give evasive answers to casual questions about their trips can be taken aside and searched or turned over to law enforcement.

I just love it when we adopt Israeli tactics. I mean, what could be a higher calling than remaking America in that image?

Now, about the geniuses who are going to actually do this? you know, the ones who can’t spot bombs in carry on bags with an xray machine?

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Breaking: Bush rehires Mike Brown as FEMA head:”He fits right in.”

Also has offer in to Katie Couric.

OK, I made it up.


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What clown died and left these plans to Gen. Petraeus?

This week we’ve seen General Petraeus preside over these fiascos:

Yes, Henrietta, there’s more….

General Petraeus call this “modest progress.”
Pardon my choking spell; your metrics are showing, General.

Petraeus also made this absurd statement, in an attempt to lower the bar and be able to rename “failure” as “success”:

“I don’t think you’re ever going to get rid of all the car bombs,” Petraeus said. “Iraq is going to have to learn — as did, say, Northern Ireland — to live with some degree of sensational attacks.” A more realistic goal, he said, but one that has eluded U.S. and Iraqi forces, is to prevent bombers from causing “horrific damage.”

This is absolutely ridiculous. WTF… Over? Bomb attacks in Northern Ireland occurred perhaps every other month, often less frequently. About 3500 people were killed over a period of about 35 years; a hundred a year. It is not uncommon for that many Iraqis to be killed in a single day. Petraeus is babbling.
Gen. Sheehan, after rejecting the position of “War Czar” for the Bush misadministration:

…they don’t know where the hell they’re going….”

There is no strategy: It’s just a colossal FLAIL.

Harry Reid is right, and it doesn’t take any genius to see it.

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The US and Iran: Elliot Abrams’ sandbox; Israel favors diplomacy with Iran

I’m beginning to get paranoid. The chorus has changed its tune from “Bomb Iran” to “Love the One You’re With”:

JERUSALEM: Israel’s arch-foe Iran is still a long way from acquiring technology necessary to produce nuclear weapons, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told public radio in an interview aired on Sunday.

“Iran is far from attaining the technology threshhold and this country is not close to getting it, contrary to statements by its leadership,” he said. Olmert also said that he preferred diplomacy in dealing with the Islamic republic’s controversial nuclear programme.

“I don’t think that a military operation would ensure that Iran doesn’t get nuclear arms,” he said. “The enormous diplomatic efforts, with which Israel is associated, are attaining their objective,” he said. “Iran is the biggest danger for us, but we shouldn’t give in to panic and hysteria, which result in nothing,” he said.

There’s a Rose
In a fisted Glove
And the eagle flies with the dove
And if you can’t be with the one you love
It’s alright
Go ahead and love the one, love the one, love the one you’re with.

——Stephen Stills

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