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Sanjaya and Frederick Kagan: who’s voting for these turkeys?

There are all sorts of stories about who might be voting for the no-talent American idol performer Sanjaya. Personally, as one who remembers the Gong Show, I think the whole thing is a great joke; I don’t know who’s perpetrating it, but it is funny. Undoubtedly the rules will be changed next season; too bad, in this case.

In the arena of US foreign policy, there is another inexplicably persistent presence, that of Frederick Kagan, architect of Bush’s desperate “surge” tactics in Iraq. Kagan is a third-rate military historian who bootstrapped a lackluster few years at West Point into a lucrative position at the American Enterprise Institute.

“Voting” for no-talent Fred and his offkey performance are his brother Robert, and his sister, Kimberly.

I hope we change the rules, in this case, to eliminate those voters who are having a good joke at the expense of the rest of the world.

[h/t Juan Cole]


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