Jonah Goldberg: the wronger McCain is, the more likely I am to vote for him.


When will the day come when America suddenly realizes that being continuously wrong for over 4 years is a sign of stupidity, not a reason to be listened to?

What is so difficult about understanding the idea of a “track record?”

Why would someone in business, for example, even keep his job if for four years he had been promoting, advocating, encouraging, defending, approving, and escalating a proven failed and disasterous policy?

Why would people believe or even bother to listen to or read someone whose ideas and predictions were just consistently wrong for four years? or even worse, want him to be president of the United States????

Here’s a two-fer-one example: Jonah “more war” Goldberg liking John “it’s working” McCain more and more for president.

… McCain has decided to slap conservatives out of their haze. In what his campaign is billing as major speeches, the first on Wednesday at the Virginia Military Institute, McCain plans to make his candidacy a referendum on victory in Iraq. It is a truly bold and courageous gambit. At a time when the polls advise running away from the war, McCain will embrace it.

By positioning himself to the hawkish right of the Bush administration, McCain might be able to make the election a referendum on the future of Iraq, rather than a referendum on the last four years. As a war hero with two sons in the military, McCain can argue with obvious moral authority that while we may have blundered our way into Iraq, it would be an even greater blunder to get out before winning.

There are many reasons to have reservations about McCain: his love of regulation, his animosity toward free-marketers, or simply his age and temper. But conservatives who claim that the war trumps everything but won’t even consider pulling the lever for McCain have some growing up to do.

I guess it’s cognitive dissonance…an irrational faith that becomes stronger as the evidence against it mounts and mounts.

Whatever it is, it makes for a pretty easy gig for Goldberg, McCain, Bush, Bill Kristol and the rest of em.

Good job if you can get, I guess .



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2 responses to “Jonah Goldberg: the wronger McCain is, the more likely I am to vote for him.

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  2. Dr X

    I’ve always wondered how the arrogant, callow, no-talent son of a woman who digs up dirt that people would do anything to conceal from public view could ever get a job writing a syndicated column. It’s a mystery.

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