How to obtain the Camel Cash catalog

I don’t smoke but my Dad used to.  He saved the coupons.  I noticed that Camel Cash certificates are expiring and wrote a post about it a few weeks ago. Now a lot of people are finding out that Camel Cash will no longer be redeemable after March 31, and are trying to figure out where to get the catalog.  Many of them have come here.

It took quite a lot of searching, but I can tell you that you can call 800 226-3522 but it won’t do you much good, cause they don’t have any paper catalogs left.

The website to go to is, or

where you will have to register which involves giving a lot of personal information. If you say you are not a smoker at present, you will not be able to register.

Good luck, you smokers, in more ways than one.



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65 responses to “How to obtain the Camel Cash catalog

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  2. Timothy Holbrook

    6420 Mobile Home Dr
    Indianapolis, IN 46241

    Please send me out a catalog. I need to send my c-notes in for my gifts. I have never found one on line.

    It would be greatly appreciated
    Timothy Holbrook

  3. lescay03

    I’m disappointed! I’ve been searching for the catalog and the cigarette case, and I can’t find either.

  4. justin

    im sooooooo angry ive been saving for years and they do thi now ,im boycotting them !@#$% gonna buy marlboros now (R.J”YOU REALY SUCK AZZ MAN)

  5. justin

    darn terrorist cigs anyway ,probly gonna give anthrax instead of the cash LOLOLOL:}

  6. Jorge

    im angry too, i live in mexico in the border with U.S.,, here in mexico we buy american camel just for the facking c-notes (and for the price jejeje ) but ALL THIS YEARES FOR NOTHING!!!! fa%^%$ mr. joe!!
    if someone know if i can exchenge my c-notes after 31 of march 2007 please let me know, coomon i am just a facking mojado!

  7. lavanda j weir

    i have a computer but can’t work it very good . i have tryed to spend my c-notes;but can’t because i can’t find the sight to get order form ! PLEASE MAKE IT EASER ;LIKE SPEND C-NOTES .COM THANKS LAVANDA WEIR

  8. My husband & I have both smoked Camels for at least 10 yrs. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve tried to get a catalog with no success. I’ve got at least 10,000 camel cash, probably more. This shows me how much Camel really appreciates their customers. I’m seriously considering switching to another brand altogether, & so is my husband.

  9. jelvis

    this is shitty i also only smoke camels for the cash, they took the fun right out of smoking … joe camel is rolling over in his politicy correct grave

  10. Ezra

    I feel everyones pain!! =(

  11. lisa

    I’m w/ the rest of you guys! My husband & I have smoked Camels for forever-Probably have over 5000 bucks or more. For what? For F-ing nothing- It more than pisses me off. We’re thinking of trading brands as well. So whats a guy suppose to do about it?It does show they could care less about all their dedicated customers! It’s rude, & then some- L. in CA.

  12. RShepherd

    I give camel the chance to honor my camel cash. if they don’t, i will change brands!!!!

  13. scott hiltz

    i live near an indian reservation where i could buy a carton of comparable ciggerates for $12.00 a carton, and when i started smoking camels they were a lot less than that. camel cash convinced me to pay 3 times that . i figure i could have bought a 50th anniversary corvette with the extra money i’ve spent on camels over the years that i switched to camels for camel cash ,now i’ve got a couple of bags of pap-er i can use to light my indian reservation ciggerettes. thnks for taking my hard earned money with no return. an ex-camel smoker who will go back to smoking my 3 packs a day for the price of 1 pack of camel

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  15. Amamoto2010

    i think we can sew them the c notes dont have any experation on them in fact they carry a dollar value a .001 of a cent they have to take them

  16. Tom

    idiots! you have already paid for the cigs, so threatening to switch to another brand at this point is retarded. They gave up on that promotion, got you to smoke stupid amounts of cigs to earn what, an ashtray?

    haha, haha, wait to see how many it takes to get an iron lung

  17. Dan Hill

    I Think Camel just hosed us all. Maybe if we all started to switch brands then Camel mite wake up. BATE and SWITCH???????

  18. Smokersha

    Can we got together and sue them for that? It’s a pure ripoff. They MUST pay their duties

  19. A Ryder

    I have about 4000 camel bucks. What can I do with them?

  20. Jeff Kreger

    Yes I agree with most of you: This is bullshit! I myself am stuck with over 6000 camel dollars that ar’nt even good enough to use for toilet paper! Now they say they are going to discontinue my favorite brand”camel 100’s”. I am going to switch brands and they can “KISS MY ASS!”

  21. cortney

    HAHA…I am right there w/thousands! I’m afraid I’ll have to trash them if I can’t figure out how to spend them soon! I miss the good old days when you could buy several cartons of smokes for 250 camel cash each…*sigh*

  22. DEE

    Did you ever decide to start up the camel cash gifts again…

  23. An artist in Canada is using Camel Cash in an exhibit. She left a comment on my blog here, asking me to tell anyone I know that she is seeking out people’s expired C-Notes. She will pay for shipping.

    Anyway, I think it is horrible what Camel did. I love your blog, btw. We share many of the same views on politics.

  24. We have been retained by a client who over the years collected many Camel Cash coupons. When Camel ended the Camel Cash promotion in March 2007, and he tried to exchange his coupons for merchandise, he was told he was out of luck: no merchandise was available. He is planning a class action suit against Camel and would appreciate your help, either with information or by joining with him in the class action. The lawyers will work on a contingent basis so you will have no responsibility for any fees or any expenses. Please let us know if you will join with us or have any questions or information. Thank you, Jeffrey Squire (squire (at) bragarwexler (dot) com).

    • luke pearson

      right on buddy it aint right what they did and doing i have a meeslie 400 camel bucks and its bs sue their dumb ^$*! asses i am @

    • scott

      good luck i have my own cash that i wish i had cashed in. Camel just made a buck off of us.

    • Joe Camel

      Yes. We need to get everyone together on this. I would hate to see all of my hard earned camel cash go to waste. I just sent Jeffrey an email, and you should too! Without us, Camel and R.J. Reynolds would be nothing. How dare they treat us like that!

    • jeffrey foster

      If still needing people for class action suit I am interested in being added. reply to Have Stacks of notes. Seems many others holding theirs also which should be able to add to suit.They are still in business and should be liable for large suit against false advertising, fcc violations, etc punitive as well as redeem for value on their c notes notes.

  25. Dear Mr. Squire:
    I am always interested in relations with Camels. I am sending you relevant videos by snail mail. Call me.
    seesdifferent, proprietor


    we have some of the cash notes that we had been keeping.

  27. Sign: umsun Hello!!! rcuwwymhyw and 2240ssgfhphzye and 6553Thanks. We look forward to hearing from you again and for your opinions on the world of work.



  29. lynn vialpando

    whats up with camel these days? havent heard from them for a long time. would like to however. still somking them. well,… such is life… 🙂 🙂

  30. LYNN

    hey I have been saving camel cash and have old one and new ones. Woud like a book to beable to get stuff with them and get rid of the what thousand or so I have. I am a diehart camel smoker and will not buy any other brand. I believe camel should look better at who is smoking there cigs and do something for us not this coupond of the snus stuff. We are cig smokers and they should let us have stuff like Marlboro. They use to so why stop now.

  31. Hi, i must say fantastic site you have, i stumbled across it in Yahoo. Does you get much traffic?

  32. How snappy am I able to see muscle definition?

  33. jon thalor

    i have many camel notes that i had no idea expired, ive asked for a catalog several times a few years back and never got one…. i am willing to help anybody that is wanting to put Camel to the test… us all back for being loyal…that means put down your porsche keys and help all the unsatisfied people with this problem……now!!

    • Helen

      I’m up for it I have save camel cash also. Just would like to get my $$ worth or unload them. Let me what’s up.


  34. james johnson

    I also have 1200 or more old and new camel c-notes, and would love to get rid of them.

  35. jim

    i would like to recieve a catalog sothat i can use the last of my c-notes

  36. Helen

    Are we the only ppl that want to unload them or??

  37. Bev Ward

    I haven’t been able to get any of the websites that have been put on this page to pull up. it says expired page or error 404 or something like that. i have hundreds of the “Camel Bucks” I’d like to trade in somewhere. Please let me know if there is a place to trade them in. Thanks.. Bevy Jo

  38. my late husband had alot of camel cash notes
    Iwould like to get some thing i known he would like. so please sent me a catalog.

    thank you

  39. This is exactly how i would have expected to be treated for being loyal
    to CAMEL’s for so many years. My first clue was when these Richard Tasters discontinued “Special Lights” ! Time to quit smoking anyway… I have 1200+ “C” notes if anyone wants ’em…… Damn Peter Puffers!!!!!

  40. Richard Johns

    I need a catalog to redeem old camel buckssent to Richard Johns 1573 E. Co. RD 375 s Winslow, IN 47598

  41. I would like to abtaine a camel cigarette catalog fore ordering some emportent things for my self think you. Ike Shorter.

  42. Peggy Woousley

    We have some Camel cash (c-notes) and wondering what to do with them?

  43. billyb

    Lets show them! we all need to Quit,put them bastards out of biz.and watch them cry,boo hoo

  44. billyb

    I have about 2000 camel cash bucks for sale,also about 2000 marlboro miles. ANY TAKERS?

    • Ross Kromer

      Could you post a pic of the different ones you have? Im sure the popular blue c note is the majority but id like to see if you have some ones that i dont? thanx



  46. Russell Dailey jr.

    I need a camel cash catalog before my “Cnotes” expire .I , just as many people can’t seem to get one on-line . I used to stop and check cig. packs as I was walking down the street for them .I started smoking CAMEL’s back in the 80’s and had bought a pool stick, two black suede coats, a racing jacket. Just to name a few .Hell iof someone looks , they prob. still have my name on file, different address though. 1598 Clarius Circle East Streetsboro, Ohio 44241. Thanx.:)

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    feed and I’m hoping you write once more soon!

  48. I truly liked studying your post. It’s very insightful and distinctive. Your points are well presented and easy to understand. Thanks for your high quality content.

  49. Kim

    Virginia Slims did the exact same thing, I had saved for several years to get the higher end coupon items and BAM discontinued!! I had a gazillion to cash in when I was notified their catalogs were discontinued!!! With the price going up and up and no incentives to damage your health I’m glad I quit!!!

  50. Kept my camel cash for years. Out lived my husband. There must be a site where one can find a warehouse of the things they didn’t sell . Joe you played lt to the beat.

  51. Kendra Spangenberg

    I have hundreds in camel cash from 25years ago. Is it still good?

  52. Ross Kromer

    Anybody want to sell theirs to me? Im creating/designing wallpaper using different variety of whatever c notes i have. There are still a few other ones that i do not have. Please let me know if you can help? thanx

  53. Candus Reed King

    i have over 14.000 CNotes and havent a clue what to do with them.I do know it does absolutely NOTHING to contact RJ Reynolds.They act as if
    they are the only company that manufactures cigarettes

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