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How to obtain the Camel Cash catalog

I don’t smoke but my Dad used to.  He saved the coupons.  I noticed that Camel Cash certificates are expiring and wrote a post about it a few weeks ago. Now a lot of people are finding out that Camel Cash will no longer be redeemable after March 31, and are trying to figure out where to get the catalog.  Many of them have come here.

It took quite a lot of searching, but I can tell you that you can call 800 226-3522 but it won’t do you much good, cause they don’t have any paper catalogs left.

The website to go to is camelsmokes.com, or http://www.smokerswelcome.com/CAM/dtclogin.jsp?brand=CAM

where you will have to register which involves giving a lot of personal information. If you say you are not a smoker at present, you will not be able to register.

Good luck, you smokers, in more ways than one.



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Tuesday (or Wednesday) at the Rapture

The Rapture Index dropped a net 1 to 156

Changes this week: Oil supply/price went up one, but was offset by decreases in volcanos (-1) and earthquakes (-1).

Still bothersome: Dems control US Congress, and those darn satanic attacks on farm animals haven’t yet abated.  I don’t know which is worse

Category of the week:

. 8: Oil Supply/Price

    	Oil remains an economic and a political issue.
    	We fought The War in the Gulf because of petroleum’s
	strategic importance. The final battle of Armageddon
	 may also involve a dispute over oil.


You know, back when I was a boy, I don’t remember Jesus trying to scare the piss out of us. And I don’t remember anything about Middle East oil. Did I miss something? Was the Bible wrong then, or is it wrong now?


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Countdown to US attack on Iran: x minus 31 days: Bush dialing for dollars

Why do things happen when they do?

Why, on Thursday nights, do your kids suddenly seem to want your advice or decide to conform to your suggestions?

I’ll leave that questions for the moment, although some of you already know the answer.

Let’s consider why several current events are happening at this time:

Dick Cheney and his “aid and comfort” allegations are 10,000 miles away from Washington DC.

In seemingly unrelated yet apparently massive capitulation to common sense and reality, various members of the military, Defense Department, CIA and Bush cabinet said some things that seem to counter the Bush line on Iraq and Iran, and should warm the cockles of my heart:

CIA chief Mike McConnell admitted that Iraq looked like civil war, that Iran couldn’t get nuclear weapons for 5-8 years. He also said that he couldn’t prove that the penetator IEDs were made in Iran (though he did come up with a new charge, that Iraqis were trained to use the IED’s by Iranians ). Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Peter Pace said CATEGORICALLY that the military was not planning to attack Iran. And perhaps most amazing of all, Condi Rice announced that the US was going to attend a “neighbors’ meeting” (including Syria and Iran) in Baghdad next month.

Blow me down.

or not.

Back to the way our kids operate. All of these earthshaking announcements came in the setting of Bush sending his minions up to Capitol Hill to beg for money.

Does that ring a bell?

Pace, Rice and Gates were actually on Capital Hill to ask for more money–about $100 Billion to fund the Iraq and Afghan campaigns through the end of 2007. The “supplemental” request is on top of the $70 billion Congress allocated to those wars late last year.

Now, I suspect that, in order to get the money to fund his many nefarious schemes, George Bush would promise (in very parsed words) to perform gay marriages in Golden Gate Park.

Are we clear?

Money talks, bullshit walks.

The scuttlebut (and the evidence) in Washington is that Bush fears nothing, reads nothing, will listen to nothing, will be checked by nothing short of the power of the purse, exerted by Congress. And we are seeing the proof.

Given the slender margins by which the Democrats control the congress, PASSING or even debating bills to stop Bush is impossible, not to mention the inevitable veto. What must be done, and can be done, on the other hand, is NOT to pass a bill: the appropriations bill.

Dems should not be afraid to go all the way to shutting down the government to get what is needed to stop Bush. Two thirds of Americans are in favor of getting out of Iraq. If the Dems fail to accomplish this and fail to prevent an attack on Iran, their public support will wane, as people throw up their hands at the whole process.

This is a showdown of the greatest magnitude, for the Democratic Party, the American people, our system of government, and for the Mideast and much of the future of the world.


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California embryonic stem cell research upheld by court

The colossal waste of money, time and lives perpetrated by self-styled “pro-lifers” may finally be over, and the will and good sense of the people may finally be served.

The appeals court’s decision upheld an earlier lower court ruling in favor of the $3 billion stem cell research agency, which was created when Proposition 71 was approved by voters in 2004. The legal battle has stymied the state’s stem cell research initiative, proposed in response to the Bush administration’s restrictive stem cell research policies.

The agency has so far been unable to issue bonds to raise the $3 billion it is authorized to allocate to stem cell research. The state government and private donors have in the meantime loaned the agency more than $200 million to move forward while the court battle continues.

The CIRM last week awarded its first embryonic stem cell research grants, with a total of $45 million awarded to 20 institutions in California, and the institute hopes to approve a second set of grants for $80 million on March 16.

Every year that this research is delayed means another year before its benefits are available to the public, and many thousands of more deaths. Maybe yours; or your child’s, or your mom’s.

In related news, Stanford University has received a huge grant from Lorry I. Lokey, the founder of the Business Line news service, to support stem cell research.

Bravo !!

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