?New US-planted stories of supposed international cooperation against Iran

In the absence of any actual coalition against Iran, the Bush administration is making one up. In this hamhanded, clearly-planted story picked up by Israeli media from an Arab language newspaper in Kuwait, we learn the identities of this coalition of the anonymous:

on Sunday the Kuwaiti daily al-Siyassah reported that the Gulf states of Oman and the UAE would allow Israel to use their airspace should the Jewish state decide to launch preemptive strikes against Iran. The report quoted European and Arab diplomats.

The newspaper also quoted a Pentagon official said saying that Turkey, Afghanistan and Pakistan would assist Israeli raids on Iran.


Best case, this is Dick Cheney’s idea of diplomacy. Ratchet up the tensions higher and higher with disinformation, use the willing media, and see what happens. The problem obviously is that threats eventually take on a life of their own: people in Iran, the US and abroad start to realize that Bush and Cheney could actually do this, and begin to take appropriate measures. The more real it is made to appear, the more real it becomes. And Bush and Cheney begin to believe that they could actually do it, particularly when and if their bluff is called.

Worst case, obviously, is that Bush and Cheney are indeed planning on doing exactly what these leaks and planted stories suggest.

Either way, we have no way of stopping the conduct of these two power-drunk maniacs.


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