Smirking President now makes faces at America on national television

George W. Bush Esq

c/o Playroom

White Fraternity House

Washington, America

Mr. President:

I saw you making faces at us today on C-SPAN.

A lot of us Americans who have lived here longer than you have are worried that you have really screwed the pooch in Iraq, and that you are contemplating doing the same in Iran, and in our name. As evidence of your intentions, we observe the daily confrontational and threatening messages issued by your minions around the world, not to mention the fact that you have taken a number of overt steps in the furtherance of an apparent attack on Iran. For example, you are assembling in the Persian Gulf region the most powerful armada in the history of the world.

I, for one, find your smirking about such topics to be infantile and beneath your station, and a disgrace to the Presidency. Now I see that you are mocking me and others who have such concerns, by making faces on national television. This is really over the line.

Could you please just resign and take your vice president with you, go and have fun at bars and Texas BBQ’s and leave the world alone? I would appreciate it.


Your father 


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