UPDATED:Iraqi refugee crisis: compassionate (?) Bush won’t take em

2 million Iraqi refugees…..

Syria, the last Arab country welcoming large numbers of Iraqi refugees, is all but shutting down its border. The strangely unannounced decision leaves the 40,000 Iraqis who escape their war-torn country each month with almost no place to go.

“It’s not fair that the burden is not being shared effectively. A very limited number of countries is paying a very heavy price,” Antonio Guterres, the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, said on a recent tour of the Mideast.


The new rules also strike fear of deportation into the 1 million Iraqis already in Syria. Iraqis there say they now receive only a 15-day permit to stay when they enter, after which they must apply for a three-month permit that can be renewed only once. After six months, any Iraqi not a student or without a job or business must leave Syria for at least 30 days before being allowed back in.


Jordan and Egypt, with 700,000 and 130,000 Iraqi refugees respectively, have said they could take no more.

Republican Senator Hagel:

“There is general agreement that around two million Iraqis have left that country, a third of the doctors at least, have left that country,” said Hagel. “And we could go through an entire agenda, inventory of demographics on this. But we also have to factor in, as you do, the realities of the security issue in Baghdad and other areas, in which we now know that ethnic cleansing is occurring.”


US President and former leader of the free world, that compassionate conservative, defender of white America and denier of reality in Iraq, George W. Bush, is taking 500 a year, in spite of the fact that he was the one responsible for this huge mess….doesn’t want to admit that he is destroying the country. But in reality, last year, only 202 were allowed in. So, Bush is forming a task force, “gonna look into it…heh, heh…”

Yes, I do agree with the Dixie Chicks.

Vietnam….anybody remember that? We took A MILLION refugees… just another one of the things you have to think about when you commit American forces to war. There must be a way that the Congress can change things, and admit more of these poor people.

UPDATE: Reuters has two pieces on Iraqi children who turn to begging and street crime:

“The economic situation of the Iraqis is decreasing month after month. Lots of families are using their children to get additional income, which they can get through begging. There are also families who send their children to work,” Cedric Turlan, information officer for the NCCI, said.

“In addition, with the increasing number of widows and orphans, and the terrible [security] situation, the families’ needs have increased as has the number of street children. “Of course, when children are not going to school anymore, there is nothing you can do to keep them off the streets. When children are in school, they are not in the street and teachers and educators can also have an impact on families,” Turlan added.



Gee, those 800 schools we painted…going to waste….better get Michele Malkin on the phone…


The Bush administration plans to allow about 7,000 Iraqi refugees to settle in the United States over the next year, a huge expansion at a time of mounting international pressure to help millions who have fled their homes in the nearly four-year-old war.The United States has allowed only 463 Iraq refugees into the country since the war began in March 2003, even though some 3.8 million have been uprooted. A senior State Department official described the expanded program on condition of anonymity ahead of a formal announcement later Wednesday.

The administration also plans to pledge $18 million for a worldwide resettlement and relief program. The United Nations has asked for $60 million from nations around the world.

Less than one half of one percent of the refugees that we have created. A talking point. Almost a slap in the face…a denial of our responsibility.

Nasser Judeh said 7,000 is still a small number compared to the 700,000 Iraqi refugees Jordan has had to accommodate.

“7,000 Iraqi refugees is just 1 percent of the number we have,” Judeh said.

But that’s characteristic of George Bush. And, by the way, I’ll believe it when I see it. My bet: maybe 500 get in this year. Who wants to bet?



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