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Our designer dog, Oscar: just like one of the children

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Oscar, a “Did”

Designer dogs are all the rage nowadays….even the NY Times has run a huge story on how planned crossbreeding has produced mongrels mutts new concoctions like Labradoodles (Lab plus poodle) and Puggles (pug plus beagle). There’s even a sound health/genetic reason to do it:

Given the roughly 350 inherited disorders littering the dog genome, crossing two purebreds and expanding their gene pools can be “a phenomenally good idea,” according to one canine geneticist — if it is done conscientiously….One way for animal breeders to blot out such troublesome recessive genes is to make careful and calculated crosses with other breeds…

We have termed Oscar a “Did”: Dog plus kid, and we think we’re ahead of the curve.

Bob Vetere, president of the American Pet Product Manufacturers Association, told me, “You’re going to have a real battle here” between hybrid dog breeders and “the purists who say this is all 25th-century voodoo science.”

Anybody who wants to know how we did it, just send in 4 boxtops from Nabisco Shredded Wheat and $34.95 plus 8.00 shipping and handling (postal money order) and we’ll send you the recipe (results may vary). But we don’t recommend this route:

Crossing dogs is as much an art as pure-breeding them, Havens insisted: it takes judgment. In fact, genetics teaches that purebred breeding and hybrid breeding are both time-tested ways to order nature into predictable products. But the promise of each can easily be ruined by the sloppiness of human nature.

Better, send us your favorite dog, favorite kid (both non-returnable) plus four payments of 899.99 and we’ll send you your Did postpaid (allow 6 weeks; this offer not good in the US or Canada).
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Top 25 crooks in the Bush Administration (well, not the VERY TOP ones…)

Just out of curiosity, I wonder which, if any, of these people were or will be fired by the Biggest Crook Decider Guy in Charge the Buck Stops Here, Mr. Responsibility President Bush.

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