UPDATED with directions; Camel cash about to expire, along with Camel smokers

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Camel Cash

Well, along with emphysema, cancer and bad odor, here’s another reason to stop smoking:

Camel Cash or “C-Note” (C-Note = 1/1000 of an US cent) is a coupon stuck to the back of filtered varieties of Camel cigarettes. It is made to resemble currency and can be exchanged for items from Camel’s Camel Cash catalogue. The artwork has changed many times over the years, and in the past included the face of Joe Camel (the controversial cartoon camel), much in the same way as presidents are featured on American currency. Camel Cash redemption will expire March 31, 2007, and current packs of cigarettes no longer carry Camel Cash coupons.

Incidentally, I have formed a definite opinion that Camel smokers are much more likely to pitch their empty packs into the street than are smokers of other brands. Anybody else wanna weigh in on this question?

My dad was a Camel smoker; then I remember one time he got real sick and quit. After that he worried constantly that he was getting emphysema. I don’t how that doctor put the fear of god into him, but it sure worked.

UPDATE: for directions for seeing the catalog, go to this note. 



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37 responses to “UPDATED with directions; Camel cash about to expire, along with Camel smokers

  1. How do i get a catalog? i have tons of them that i need to redeem, and apparently quickly! Can you help?

  2. Betty Echols

    In the same boat what can i do ? Help! Betty Echols

  3. Patricia Hammons

    Need to find a site location to look for goodies you’re offering for the Camel Cash-have tried almost everything. Apparently not the right place!

  4. Patricia Hammons

    How ’bout extending the time limit-since we are out here in abundance. As far as sloppy smokers-NOT! Especially when there was a prize like the cracker jack box. Miles on Marlboro-Camel Cash on Camel. Now they may be laying all over do to the lack of interest.

  5. justin

    need help to get a catologue a www/or pnone # plz

  6. I have been saving camel cash for 7 years and my son saved them also, He passed away almost 6 years ago and now when I finally get on line to check what items to get I find out its OVER, this is typical for life…. think Im going to quit smoking……..

  7. THIS ISN’T Fair to people that saved up for YEARS!!!!!! CAMEL IS NOW MY LEAST FAVORITE CIG. HOW THE HELL WERE PEOPLE SUPPOSED TO KNOW WHEN THE DEADLINE WAS AND OF COURSE NOT EVERYONE HAS ACCESS TO COMPUTERS AND INTERNET. CAMEL NEEDS TO DO SOMETHING QUICK (EXTEND DEADLINE,SEND LETTERS, they sure as hell know how to send coupons advertise there product to us but they can’t sending a simple letter stating what the deadline is/was. CAMEL, you guys are straight up JERKS, A-HOLES, ETC….leading people on with the expensive crappy gifts for redemption for camel cash and then just stop it? WTF!?!?!

  8. They need to extend the deadline! I know there has to be alot of people who did not know about the deadline. Why didn’t they print it on the last c-notes ciruclated?? I have about 6 years worth of c-notes myself. I’m not just going to throw them away and forget about it. I saved to long and hard for them! Everyone needs to e-mail RJ Reynolds and complain!!!! and complain!!!!

    • 2013 Crap!!! Jim Smith has two drawers full of casmel c-notes was saving up for a leather coat. Already has a pair of flip flop camel shoes that say- best looking buts on the beach. Guess we will have to roll them up and smoke them!!!


    I was a camel loyal customer for may years. If there isnt any new deadline for those of us whom werent aware of it. They have lost my loyality for good. Marlboro. Phillip Morris is my cigarette brand for now on. And I know many people who feel the same as I do. So long R.J. Reynolds. Stick it up your ass.

  10. John Moses

    Another smoker left out in the cold……..
    Pretty sad considering I get AT LEAST (2) publications fm them every month….AND NOT A WORD WAS MENTIONED.
    I remember several years ago when they changed the design (and size of the c-note) there was a press release explaining that the older notes could only be redeemed for a certain amount of time before they would not be honored. (If I remember correctly, it was even printed ON the c-note)

    I’d like to see the sales figures for the last quarter…..
    (bet they lose at least 1/3 of their customer base.)
    Also bet that the program will be reinstated IF there is enough backlash from the public ie: US……..

    Screw them, I have switched to BASIC………

  11. Vanessa Chambers

    Thanks a lot for letting us know that all our “hard earned” camel cash is now worthless. You could have at least given everybody a heads up in your fliers that I get all the time! Pretty lame. Hope it costs you as much as it has cost all of us through the years!!So long RJR. Not using your products anymore!!!

    • Rodney J Fortier

      I strongly agree with Vanessa. We were prowd to purchase and to smoke your brand and loved the Joe Camel Theme, History, Charcater that you built, why would your company forget about its oldest customers? I started on camels 16-18yrs ago and enjoyed the Smooth Animated Tough Guy Biker look. later -on saved & got the hiking boots, the Joe Pool stick, ash trays, poker chip & card set, lots of lighters & more. although there’s items I wanted & had to save big pile’s of c-notes still hoping the stuff was avalible in the next catalog. I still have 2500-3000 c-notes & 3 or 4 tri-fold dollar size bucks, thats almost collector stuff JJJack. Thanks for your time. Hope you can understand our loss. R.J.F.

  12. Anna Carr

    i would like to know about camel cash i have about 200,oo to turn in, idid not know when to turn them in and if i can do that now, but i do need a camel book, i have been tring to get a camel book for two years now, and have not found one, can i please have you send me one, so i can send mine off . Thank you Anna

  13. Alex Shives

    Well that just figures. I had saved a few thousand notes myself over the years. All that time counting them and saving them. (sheesh!)
    Multiply each note by 20. Man, that’s a lot of smokes! That’s it.. I QUIT!!

    Perhaps more Camel packs end up on the sidewalks because more people smoke Camels?
    Or perhaps not.

  14. raymond

    what the hell ive got over a 1000 camel cash ive been saving for years and now i find out there worthless. WTF camel better do something about this or f it ill just switch brands and tell everyone i know to do the same i bought a pack today and no cash on it. how in the hell was i suppose to know they were ending them. what a fricken scam. thats half the reason i smoke them in the first place. wow

  15. Hello All,

    I was reading around some of the posts here and I found interesting things that you guys talk about, I just made a blog about quitting smoking resources and ideas that you might want to check out.
    If someone is interested in this topic just go to; http://endthehabitnow.blogspot.com and let me know what you think.
    Thanks in advance.

  16. Pissed Off Indy smoker

    I just found out there isn’t a catalog anymore. I have submitted a request three years ago online and still haven’t received on. I have smoked Camels for over fifteen years and have over 3000 c-notes to redeem. Is there a catalog?


  17. Robert

    Blow It out your arse RJR!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have at least 10,000 C-Notes. I now smoke Basic also! You are a bunch of bottom line pricks, to not let your customers know you are going to screw them. You could of at least bought us a drink. Thanks for nothing!!!!!

  18. eddie

    camel go fuck your self i say we start a boy cot a little drunk here work with me i have at least 5 – 6 thousand camel cash and i dont know what the flying fuck to do with them shit man so much camel cash then they fucking stop it real nice fucking people i stay loyal to the company then they bend me over and fuck me in the ass fuck this time to quit i think or smark something else camel heres to you go fuck your fucking selfs you miserable fuck

  19. yolande

    What ever happened? This is the first I’m hearing about it expiring!!! Does anybody know a way to redeem it? Or do I just throw away tins and tins of little blue dollars?

  20. John

    Sounds like a class action law suit might be appropriate.

  21. We have been retained by a client who over the years collected many Camel Cash coupons. When Camel ended the Camel Cash promotion in March 2007, and he tried to exchange his coupons for merchandise, he was told he was out of luck: no merchandise was available. He is planning a class action suit against Camel and would appreciate your help, either with information or by joining with him in the class action. The lawyers will work on a contingent basis so you will have no responsibility for any fees or any expenses. Please let us know if you will join with us or have any questions or information. Thank you, Jeffrey Squire (squire (at) bragarwexler (dot) com), http://www.bragarwexler.com.

    • Helen

      Yes, I will. I have saved camel $$.

      • Natasha Rochelle

        I’d love to sue the pants off RJR. This whole deal was pretty underhanded. I’ve been saving those c-notes for fifteen years. just tell me what wagon to hop on and I’m there

    • Yes, I would like to be included in a possible class action suit again Camel because of the discontinuation of the Camel Cash promotion which ended in March 2007 without proper warning. I have thousands of these coupons and smoked their product because of these incentives.

  22. Better late than never. Have ‘many’ camel cash and have catalogs they sent me, but I have found nothing about ‘you better cash in now’, ending soon, etc. letters sent to us. Any advise?
    The hoarder & procrastinator, Ed

  23. LINDA


  24. auto

    well i bin smoken camels for 25 years and will die very young because of it. its no ones fault but my own but sure would be nice if i could make use of my camel bucks. feels like a slap in the face after all the money i spent over the years……

  25. Linda

    Hey, if you guys want to get rid of those camel bucks, you can send them to me. I know they are not worth anything now but I collect weird things so I might as well add to my pile llol lol Just a thought. I think it stinks also, they should have told when the deadline was. What we really should do is send them all to them and let them get rid of the junk mail lol Thanks Linda

  26. I’m not sure exactly why but this blog is loading incredibly slow for me. Is anyone else having this issue or is it a issue on my end? I’ll check back later on and see if the problem still exists.

  27. Thor W

    Thanks, after years of loyality YOU now infoirm me that dollars, etc collected over the years supporting “Smoking Joe” are worthless; Even if law prohibited the on-going sale of promoptional items, the value asnd availability to redeem such items was not. Just RJR’d lack to carry on. Thanks for nothing and if name-calling would be useful fill in any blanks that fit and Im sure there are many.

  28. Gary Ungaro

    GARY U
    I haved a shoe box full of camel cash that was left to me by someone no longer with us find out that there good for nothing just my luck thought I was going to be able to buy a bunch of cool nic nacs or something all I got is a box of trash

  29. MIKE


  30. I am in the same boat. My friend passed, Camel fiend from hell with lots of C-Notes and could not for the life of me figure out why he would hang on to them if they had no value. I think Camel should run a limited special just for those that saved for years to get something…..it would be a great way for someone like me to help memoralize my friend that indeed kept Camel in business during his life. There are lime green colored ones, blue ones, white ones and creamy colored ones, bunches. CAMEL, RJR, do the right thing. Give us a special that we can all say WOW over.

  31. Have bag of camel c-notes. Is it possible to trade them for camel gear still?
    Thank you

  32. charlie dant

    ran across a bunch of my old c-notes. so can you still use them or whats the latest story.

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