Tuesdays at the Rapture: Index rises on earthquake news

The only change this week in the Rapture Index was a bump in category #37,

a strong 8.2 earthquake shakes the Kuril Islands.

Category of the Week:

[In the Bible,] Mark 13:8: that God used earthquakes to show his disapproval of man’s sinfulness. It is wise to look for more earthquake activity as the return of Christ draws near.

Once again, the categories of Liberalism (Democrats take control of US Congress) and Satanic attacks on farm animals remained stable.
The total score of 161 is still in “fasten your seatbelts” range. I somehow don’t think that seatbelts are gonna make any difference, but maybe that’s just me.

I was kind of expecting to see something related to George W. Bush’s warmongering with Iran, but I guess there just isn’t a category suitable for that. I am thinking I will email in a suggestion for a new category: Emptyheaded frat boy and American monarchist from Wyoming given free reign to fuck up the world. I realize this category title is somewhat long, and I will give my consent that they shorten it.

The other possible category that I am gonna suggest is Bush unpopularity/crises. I mean, now that the Libby trial is on, we are seeing more of the ugly, traitorous, corrupt side of the administration, it may be that Bush and Cheney will attempt some sort of “wag the dog” maneuver to divert attention.


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