Crisco is for parties, not for doughnuts

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Crisco party
I’m not sure whether Crisco parties were just an urban legend when I was in college, or whether they really existed. Nowadays, I’d be surprised if the “girls gone wild” videos don’t have 60 minutes of it. Of course, the wild ones don’t use the old white crap in a can anymore, and, increasingly, neither do donut makers. link

Trans fatty acids are persona non grata; its not just about clogging your arteries and getting fat; we’re talking cancer, as well:

New York recently agreed to institute a citywide trans-fat ban by mid-2008, and officials from Little Rock, Ark., to Los Angeles are considering similar measures.
In Franklin County, Ohio, officials have even suspended an annual contract to supply the county jail with doughnuts, citing concerns about trans fats and nutrition.
..Starbucks Corp., which recently announced it was halfway through a plan to purge trans fats from its U.S. food menu.

Be aware, however, that FDA rules allow a product with less than 0.5g/ serving to be labeled as “trans fat free.” Some physicians have objected:

FDA advisor Dr. Carlos Camargo, have expressed concern that the 0.5 gram per serving threshold is too high to refer to a food as free of trans fat. This is because a person eating many servings of a product, or eating multiple products over the course of the day may still consume a significant amount of trans fat. This can be compared to Canada in which the threshold is 0.2 grams.

Now, donuts are veritable transfat torpedos…and the chains are getting a little embarrassed about it:

Mainstream doughnut makers, whose products can have around 5 grams of trans fat apiece, are generally mum about their specific progress toward meeting New York’s citywide trans fat ban.

Dunkin’ Donuts, a branch of privately held Dunkin’ Brands Inc., says it has tested 22 alternative oils since launching its own push against trans fats in 2004.

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Inc. says it “will continue to work aggressively with outside supply partners to develop a zero trans-fat doughnut.”

Officials at Winchell’s did not immediately respond to questions about plans to reduce trans fats in their doughnuts.

Some, however, are ahead of the wave: Mighty-O Donuts in Seattle, for example.

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Mighty O
Their address is 2110 N 55th Street for any of you who live around there. They also sell by mail order. But you’re gonna end up paying around 30 bucks for a dozen two-day-old donuts.

Krispy Kreme is “looking into it.” Geez, less grease? isn’t grease their niche?…but what do I know…I can’t understand how they stay in business. Are there more cops on the street than I think?

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Let’s be careful out there…

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