Bush to agree to global warming remedies !!?? my smelling salts, Maude….

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The Guardian UK is reporting:

George Bush is preparing to make a historic shift in his position on global warming when he makes his State of the Union speech later this month, say senior Downing Street officials…
Bush and Blair held private talks on climate change before Christmas, and there is a feeling that the US President will now agree a cap on emissions in the US, meaning that, for the first time, American industry and consumers would be expected to start conserving energy and curbing pollution.

‘We could now be seeing the beginning of a consensus on a post-Kyoto framework,’ said a source close to the prime minister. ‘President Bush is beginning to talk about more radical measures.’


I think perhaps the fundos may have had a hand in this, as they have been making a lot of noise on the subject of stewardship of the planet.

“The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.”
Psalms 24:1

Bush may have a convenient figleaf in the form of new information to be presented next month

Dr. Gordon McBean, chair of policy in the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction at Western Ontario University, predicted a highlyanticipated report to be released next month in Paris would highlight how human activity is heating up the planet much faster than experts had previously expected.
The report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change will be its fourth assessment of the latest peer-reviewed scientific literature since the 1990s. The panel is basing the report on the findings of 2,500 experts from 130 countries, looking at new methods of measuring the relationship between carbon dioxide emissions and temperature, as well as the accelerated effects of climate change when permafrost starts to melt in northern regions, explained McBean.
While he admitted he wasn’t immediately convinced by the evidence available 10 years ago, McBean said the latest findings have virtually eliminated doubt about what is happening to the climate because of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, which are released from the burning of fossil fuels.

Is this to be the first right thing Bush has done? Gawd, he must be desperate…..

Just please, George, do yourself a favor and don’t be representing yourself as the environmental president or the wise science guy. But I’ll be grateful for anything meaningful.

And aboutMichael Crichton…be sure and mention in your speech about how helpful he’s been. And restore the EPA libraries.

In an interesting and probably not coincidental step, McCain, Lieberman and Obama introduced a bill yesterday which would introduce carbon dioxide caps:

Proposed federal legislation introduced Friday that would dramatically slash greenhouse-gas emissions over the next four decades could complicate TXU Corp.’s plans to build 11 coal-fired power plants in North and Central Texas.

The bipartisan Senate bill, co-sponsored by Sens. John McCain, R-Ariz.; Barack Obama, D-Ill.; and Joe Lieberman, I-Conn., would establish for the first time a cap on emissions of carbon dioxide — the top man-made contributor to global warming. TXU’s plants would add millions of tons of carbon dioxide to the air a year, and they have been sharply criticized for not better controlling carbon emissions.

The details of the bill don’t sound real aggressive, but, hey, let’s roll:

The Climate Stewardship and Innovation Act of 2007 is not aimed at the power industry alone. It would also cap greenhouse-gas emissions at 2004 levels from other industrial, transportation and commercial sectors by 2012, and calls for a one-third reduction by 2050.

“This should be a shot across the bow for TXU,” said Tom “Smitty” Smith, director of the Texas chapter of Public Citizen, an Austin advocacy group that opposes the plants. “What’s most stunning is that the emissions of global-warming gases from all 19 of these coal plants would be as much as all the cars and trucks sold in the United States annually produce.

The times, they are a-changin…


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