The basic Bush lie: 9/11 was because “they hate our freedom.”

This is the root of all of the deception. Bush told the American people that a particular religion was out to get us because they “hate our freedom.” The facts are these, and they are not in dispute: 9/11 was carried out by a group of Saudis who belonged to a organization called al-Qaeda, led by Osama Bin Laden. al Qaeda had been formed years earlier to eject the Soviets from Afghanistan, through guerilla warfare. Since that time, al Qaeda had been attempting through terrorism to eject the US and other “non-believers” from their military presence on the Arabian peninsula.

It was necessary for Bush to invent this lie, in order to fool the American people into believing that there was nothing we could do to prevent further attacks on the US but engage in a permanent worldwide military fight to the death with terrorists.

All sorts of other lies have followed from this: “fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them here,” etc. By and large, they don’t hate us “over here.” They hate us when we are “over there.”

The fact is that the more we attempt to militarily occupy the Middle East, the more they hate us. Bush has done an immense of amount of this. The more we invade and kill and destroy, the more people hate us. And not just al-Qaeda any more. This is common sense. And we can’t kill them all…that is totally irrational. It is just a vicious circle: kill hate kill hate, and the occupation that started the whole thing just becomes more extensive.

Bush’s use of the expression “War on Terror” is another part of the same lie. “Terror” is not an enemy. He uses that expression to keep us thinking about HOW we were attacked on 9/11, rather than thinking about why and by whom we were attacked on 9/11.

Very soon after 9/11 he decided that as long as he obscured the who and why of 9/11, he could make it seem as if Saddam Hussein was the culprit, and use that as an excuse to attack iraq. Another huge lie.

The consequences are evident.

What is to be done about this massive and continuing dishonesty?



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9 responses to “The basic Bush lie: 9/11 was because “they hate our freedom.”

  1. Hi. Maybe its just me, but you seem to have given only selected information in your attempt to persuade the gullible and predisposed.

    The fact is terrorist organizations of many types have been waging a war on America and the west for decades and you know it.

    The deaths of thousands of innocent men, women and children have been lost and the sleeping giant finally decided on a concrete plan of attack to eliminate the perpetrators, and you know it.

    Fighting them over there so they dont cut your head off over here is exactly whats happened with zero terrorist attacks on US soil, and you know it.

    Hate for American values, wealth, and world dominance in many areas preceeded the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, and will continue long after a resolution, and you know it.

    The tired, failed policies of “progressives” and radical international pacifists, appeasement and submission, will not work with a fundamentalist overzealous religion driven attack, and you know it.

    Im certain you hope for young fools to read your hateful diatribes and acquiesse to your slanted half truths and propoganda. Shame isn’t a word you can even spell ….

  2. Well, it’s probably worth taking a look at what Iraqis think. 81% of Iraqis want the US to leave without waiting for to ’security to improve’, 78% think they’re causing more violence than they’re preventing, 78% also think they wouldn’t leave if asked to, which is probably why 61% support attacks on US troops (figures from World Public Opinion survey a couple of months ago)

    On that basis, you’ve already lost the centre of gravity in a guerilla war, the civilian population and more military force is just going to make those numbers worse.

    Letting Israel attack Iran or privatising Iraqi oil (see today’s British papers) will make them worse still.

  3. icanplainlysee begs the question, just as Bush does.
    Who was responsible for 9/11 and why. “decades”? you mean the previous attack on the World Trade Center by the same people for the same reasons? you prove my point.

    Of course religious tensions have existed for centuries. There were even wars and battles. Did the Crusades help that? Can we learn from history instead of repeating it? As the Baker /ISG commission noted, and this is part of the wisdom they brought to the table (which Bush will ignore), the formation of the state of Israel added greatly to the tension, and this situation has to be resolved before we can have relative peace in the area.

    Telling me what you think I know, and use of all sorts of code words and epithets is not worthy of this forum, and further comments of this nature will be removed. If you have facts and opinions about the matters at hand, you are welcome to post them in a civil and informative manner. Otherwise I suggest you take them to a forum where you can express them among like-minded people.

  4. caractacus I saw the stuff you refer to and the oil deals are one area where the ISG really showed counterproductive urges, shall we say.

    I must say that Israel and Bush have certainly been egging each other on in ways that are very counterproductive, for both themselves and the region.

  5. Dear Disingenous deciever..please delete any comments that you find distasteful and irrelevant to your fantasies about American world domination and the blameless victims of American persecution.

    I expect nothing less form a high school level debater of questionable integrity.

    A captive audience of likeminded fools is all that will satisfy your need to criticize and demean the only society on earth worth fighting for.

    Feel smug and satisfied with your self righteous assessments and hate till your eyes bulge out.

    Im going to play golf.

  6. seesdifferent. It certainly does seem that way.

  7. Jason357

    Bill Krystol tried to use the same typical neocon deception on Jon Stewart’s show. Stewart countered each point with facts, and Krystol finally gave up and accused Stewart of just inviting him on the show to pick on him. Whenever Krystol has a valid argument, we’ll all be glad to hear it. Krystol tried that same scam of blaming 911 on Iraq and that there hadn’t been an attack in the US since 911.

    Of course, Stewart mentioned that there were 8 years between the 1993 attack and the 2001 attack, with that logic Clinton should get more credit. Krystol has heard all of these facts before and still just keeps repeating his lies. He’ll go on some other show and just repeat the same hogwash, hoping he doesn’t get spanked like he did by Stewart.

  8. icanplainlysee: on second thought, I leave your frothing ad hominem remarks posted, so that all can see the way you act on line.

  9. Jason357: some think Stewart has lost his edge; I don’t, though I think his supporting cast has deteriorated.

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