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Pet owners, don’t read this: Dog food is, well, dog.

dog eat dog
Seems that dead animals ie dogs, cats, whatever are being, shall we say, recycled.
Over the line. This aggression will not stand.



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San Francisco citywide WiFi happenin’

The City Buy the Way.

The City of San Francisco and EarthLink said on Friday they had reached a tentative deal to offer free wireless Internet access, promising to make it the first major US city to deliver municipal Wi-Fi services city-wide. …the next step is for the city’s Board of Supervisors to review the agreement and decide whether to approve the deal.

Not real fast, but who’s quibbling:

EarthLink has said it plans to offer the free, 300 kilobit-per-second Wi-Fi service alongside a premium commercial service at speeds of 1 megabit or faster for around $20 a month. This commercial service would target consumers and businesses looking for faster Internet access.

Take heart, you others:

Other cities including Philadelphia, New Orleans and Portland, Oregon, are also developing city-wide wireless networks of their own.


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Dave Barry’s “over the line” events for 2006

For about two weeks back in 1998 I thought Dave Barry was pretty funny. Why do I link to him now? Well, “Over the Line, Smokey” is new and really didn’t cover all of the OtLS events for 2006…although you for sure don’t want to miss the 2006 Smokey Awards.

But for the whole year, Barry comes as close to capturing the OtLS spirit as anybody, I guess.

Choosing one event as the most OtLS of all is very difficult, being as how it was an election year; and that Tom DeLay, Jack Abramoff, and Mark Foley were running around; and, of course, that George W. Bush was president of the US.

But I have to say, this fiasco has to be right up there:

In crime news, a man in Thailand claims that he had something to do with the 1996 murder of JonBenet Ramsey. It quickly becomes clear that the man is an unstable creep whose story is totally unbelievable, so the cable-TV shows drop it.

Ha ha! Just kidding! The cable-TV shows go into days of round-the-clock All-JonBenet-All-The-Time Wallow Mode.

Ah, cable TV “news”. I’d like to see a channel that does nothing but young white blond females being abducted in vehicles speeding the wrong way on freeways while legal experts breathlessly whisper sarcastic innuendos….oh, we already have that? sorry……


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Another “compassionate conservative” for president? thanks, Brownback, but I’ll pass this time.

Sam Brownback, R-KS, is gonna run for president as a compassionate conservative.
Sorry, but I think that phrase is not gonna win many votes. Or am I wrong about what George W. Bush’s 30% approval ratings mean?

Count me out for now, Sam, yer slogan is over the line.

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John McCain for president of Del Boca Vista, Phase II

On the campaign trail
On the campaign trail

John McCain, yer becoming increasingly either desperate or deranged.

yesterday you gave me new reason for concern:

I reject the notion that all Americans, or the majority of Americans just want us out of Iraq. Joe Lieberman would not have been re-elected in a very liberal state if that were the case.

Ah, but Johnny, here’s what yer pal Joe said during the campaign:

“I have said the sooner we get out of Iraq, the better.” – Lieberman, July 6, 2006

“no one wants to end the war in Iraq more than I do and bring our troops home.” – Lieberman, October 18, 2006

Now, someone more cynical than I might suggest that Old John is just being calculating: trying to make the his proposed escalation big enough (now he’s saying “substantial and sustained…”) that even Bush won’t go for it; thus McCain will always be able to claim that his plan would have worked…
But, trusting that John “straight-talk express” wouldn’t possibly be that calculating, I am thinking that Del Boca Vista might be well suited to old Johnnie’s steadily diminishing capacities.

Elaine: Who are they running against?
Jerry: Common sense and a guy in a wheelchair.


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Bill Kristol: Is he smarter than you are?

“There’s been a certain amount of pop sociology in America,” he told National Public Radio listeners in the war’s opening weeks, “that the Shia can’t get along with the Sunni and the Shia in Iraq want to establish some kind of Islamic fundamentalist regime.

Bill Kristol, editor of the Weekly Standard, is the kind of guy George Bush loves. Slick, totally self-assured, scion of a famous man, driven by a simplistic ideology that’s easy to understand and supported by a lot of corporate and private money.

As a result, Kristol has become one of the most important men in the world, as he drives the Bush warmongering in the Middle East and around the world.

But Bill Kristol is no smarter than you are, and in fact, has been famously wrong on virtually every major point. You could make better decisions by just flipping a coin than by listening to Kristol.

But he appears on the talk shows, all slick and smiling, and his line of nonsense never gets challenged. Except by Jon Stewart, who gave him no quarter. Neither will we.

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Another Army recruiting ploy fails: Dead officers not interested

Things are definitely getting better now that Rumsfeld is gone.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Army said Friday it would apologize to the families of about 275 officers killed or wounded in action who were mistakenly sent letters urging them to return to active duty.

The letters were sent a few days after Christmas to more than 5,100 Army officers who had recently left the service. Included were letters to about 75 officers killed in action and about 200 wounded in action.

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