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New Malkin fact-finding expedition headed to Iraq: redefines “a fool’s errand.” UPDATE: HE’S REAL !

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That’s right, here’s the next genius to take up the struggle of guiding US policy in Iraq. The Dumb Brunette Michelle Malkin is about to pack up her dirty mouth laptop in her old kit bag and head off to Baghdad to blog safely from the comfort of the https://seesdifferent.wordpress.com/wp-admin/link-manager.phpGreen Zone but pretend to see if she can find and discredit the famous police captain/sergeant over whom she is incessantly, stupidly, and dysfunctionally obsessing. In essence, Malkin is trying to prove that things are really not all that bad in Iraq; how quaint; but it’s definitely over the line:

Jamil Hussein, an Iraqi police source cited by the Associated Press, whom many conservative bloggers believe either does not exist or should not be trusted. Even the U.S. Military and Iraqi government officials have questioned the use of Hussein as a source, since he isn’t on the approved spokesman list.

But Michelle says she is not just a one-trick pony; no sir:

The goals are “to report on how the troops perceive mainstream media coverage of the war (with a particular focus on the wire services relying on local stringers),” and “to report on progress and interaction between U.S. troops and Iraqi Army trainees.”

However, Malkin “decided not to wait on the AP or depend on Eason Jordan for answers and accountability.”
Over the holidays, my Hot Air colleague Bryan Preston and I received word that our embed applications had been approved….
“Bryan and I will be heading out to Iraq very shortly as embeds to advance the story and get first-hand the side of the story the AP refuses to hear–the side of the troops on the ground,” Malkin writes

How did the ISG fail to include this woman in their deliberations? And, as far as I know, Bush has also ignored her. How can that be?
Is it because she is trying to make a mountain out of the various English spellings of a policeman’s name? Probably. But we wish her well. It is certainly patriotic of her to request that she be allowed to cause increased risk to some poor GI’s who have to guard her moronic self.
Stay safe, and hurry home, Michelle, so you can share your precious insights with President Bush before his imspeach next Tuesday…that will so enhance the chances of the wheels totally coming off bipartisan cooperation and intelligent dialogue.


UPDATE: Game over. He’s real. Too bad. I was so looking forward to “Looney Tunes goes to Iraq.”

UPDATE: This may be his website; or Borat’s:

Thank you for visiting my blog. My name is Captain Jamil Hussein of the Iraqi Police Service and I am actually existing. If you are a Hollywood celebrity or agent please contact me here.



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Dear God, Keith Olbermann screams truth to power

You’ve got to see the video of today’s Countdown. I’m sure it will be up on MSNBC soon. As usual, Olbermann addresses Bush directly. He notes that the troops, the generals, the public and the Iraqis all disagree with an escalation. He notes the deaths and injuries among our troops. He challenges the Congress to act. He takes on war profiteering. He ends with:

our meaningless sacrifice in Iraq must stop and you, Mister Bush, must stop it.

Certainly the most direct and confrontational denunciation of a war and a president by a mainstream media personality in the history of this country. Agree or disagree with him, Olbermann has got guts.

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