Global warming SUBMERGES populated Indian Island

Global warming has now officially gone over the line, as far as I’m concerned. I mean, what did we care about some melting glaciers and skinny polar bears?….but, now friends and neighbors, GW is “disappearing” populated land masses. And it won’t be the last.

The lost land mass is Lohachara Island, population (formerly) 10,000, one of the Sunderbans:

located where the Ganges and the Brahmaputra rivers empty into the Bay of Bengal, marks the moment when one of the most apocalyptic predictions of environmentalists and climate scientists has started coming true. Two-thirds of nearby populated island Ghoramara has also been permanently inundated.

Dr Sugata Hazra, director of the university’s School of Oceanographic Studies, says “it is only a matter of some years” before it is swallowed up too.

Dr Hazra says there are now a dozen “vanishing islands” in India’s part of the delta.

The area’s 400 tigers are also in danger.

Until now the Carteret Islands off Papua New Guinea were expected to be the first populated ones to disappear, in about eight years’ time, but Lohachara has beaten them to the dubious distinction.

And literally nothing has been done to check the advance of global warming. Major US/transnational corporations continue to propagandize and lobby to prevent any remedy. America’s president wants to be a war president. Like a little kid playing cowboys and Indians or GI Joe. So the world burns, and sinks.



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2 responses to “Global warming SUBMERGES populated Indian Island

  1. Daulton

    Bush didn’t notice when New Orleans washed away. What are the chances he will notice this?

  2. Thomas Friedman seems to be getting the idea, in his own strange way.

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