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Cheney to testify, tries to look presidential

Big news this week for the Vice President:

  • Dick “Shooter” Cheney is gonna be called to testify on Irv ‘Scooter” Libby’s behalf. Shooter will be reinforcing Scooter’s Steve Martin defense: “IIIIII forGOT !”
  • Shooter took the president’s customary function in swearing in the new Secretary of Defense.

A connection? of course there is. Either Shooter is just trying to jack up his credibility as a witness, or he’s trying to establish some presidential privilege grounds to refuse to answer Fitzgerald’s nasty cross-examination questions.

This smacks of desperation. I think Fitz is gonna chew him up and spit him out. I mean, it’s so obvious. Here’s the sequence:

Cheney: I am the acting president

Fitz: starting the day after you were listed as a witness, right?

Cheney: aw, go f@&k yourself !

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