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Outrageous bravery: grunts sign antiwar petition

Definitely over the line, in the good sense: link. Whistleblowers are being badly abused by the Bushites.


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This won’t float yer boat: new Coast Guard ships not seaworthy

Even for the Bush administration, this is over the line: see my diary at dkos.

Bottom line: Bushpal and shipbuilder Boysie Bollinger: yer over the line. way over.

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Yer over the line, Mrs. Bush…as in “catfight”…

Laura Bush was giving out Decidress opinions last week; to Norah O’Donnell, the first lady ripped the media about coverage of Iraq. How pre-ISG….but almost unreported were the first lady’s snide remarks about First Rival Condi Rice, which I can no longer track  back via link. But here’s the quote…

Mrs. Bush referenced Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and noted that while she would be a “really good candidate” [for president], Rice is not interested in the job.”Probably because she is single, her parents are no longer living, she’s an only child. You need a very supportive family and supportive friends to have this job,” the First Lady said.

If you haven’t lived in the South, you may not pick up on the slicing and dicing going on here. Trust me. This is ugly.

UPDATE: OH. MY. GOD. Keith Olbermann picked up this story and ran with it on Countdown. Oh. my. god. Roll the tape.

 UPDATE: Some ignorant slut lazy incompetent ignoramus blogger over at Huffington Post stated that nobody but Keith Olbermann picked up on this story.  Ha. Nobody but Over the Line, Smokey; dKos, and the raucous folks over at Democratic Underground.


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Reality bites wide-eyed Lindsey Graham, R-SC, in the ass

Sen. Graham was taking the showboat tour of Iraq with McCain and Lieberman, and it seems to have been a bit much for the country boy, who goes over the line by bemoaning the effect violence has on his shopping:

Graham said he was shocked by the situation in Baghdad.“The first time I came here with Sen. McCain we went rug shopping. Yesterday, we moved around in a tank. It’s one of the most dangerous places on the planet,” he said.


And here’s an item that must have shocked EVERYBODY: it seems that our military’s ability to “surge” more troops into Iraq is quite limited:

Army officials say only about 10,000 to 15,000 troops could be sent and an end to the war would have to be in sight because the deployment would drain the pool of available soldiers for combat. Further, many experts warn, there is no guarantee a surge in troops would work to settle the violence.

“We would not surge without a purpose,” the Army’s top general, Peter J. Schoomaker, told reporters Thursday in Washington. “And that purpose should be measurable.”

Do I hear The Fat Lady warming up in the wings? I believe I do….

Oh and by the way, little shopper guy, is there anything you want to tell us?

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