Bush’s veto: in human lives, equivalent to war, with a draft

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There are many ramifications of Bush’s veto. I would like to bring perspective to the human tragedy this will inevitably bring. This is a day to be hug your kids. They will pay the price for Bush’s/Republican posturing,  just as they will price for the massive looting of the United States Treasury that Bush/Republican has accomplished.

By way of perspective, lets compare the effect of the veto with the effect of war. First, lets look at war: Over the past three and a half years, on average, every day 2 or 3 Americans have died because directly because of the war in Iraq and another 5 or so have become disabled.  In addition, a hundred or so Iraqis, on average, have died every day, and many more have had their lives seriously disrupted or have become physically impaired.

Medical advances can easily save this many lives; logically, the failure to make these medical advances, COSTS THAT MANY LIVES EVERY DAY. AND IT IS MY KIDS AND YOUR KIDS THAT WILL SUFFER AND DIE. AND THEY DON’T HAVE ANY SAY IN IT. IT’S LIKE DRAFTING THEM AND SENDING THEM OFF TO WAR.

Example, below: This example has no particular link to embryonic stem cell research. It is chosen only to show the impact of delaying medical research and implementation:

Cervical cancer kills ten women in the United States every day, and world wide it kills at least a hundred. Many more will have abnormal pap smears and curable cancers which will require obnoxious therapy. It is caused by human papilloma virus, and it is preventable by the new vaccine.  (Other cancers such as breast and lung, kill many more, and other diseases such as heart disease also kill many more.)

If your kids are twenty five, they have already missed out on the life saving effect of this vaccine, because they have probably already gotten the virus, if they are going to get it. That is too bad, but it’s nobody’s fault. If the new vaccine is released today, and gets into wide use 100 days from now, then there will be a day about thirty years from now where the death rate from cervical cancer will fall precipitously. Let’s arbitrarily call that date July 22, 2036.

If the release of the vaccine is delayed one month, then the effect is delayed one month, to August 22, 2036. During that month in 2036, 30 American women will die of cervical cancer, hundreds will die worldwide, and thousands will be affected one way or another by the issues of cervical cancer.

Back to embryonic stem cell research: the powerhouse of American embryonic stem cell research has been effectively barred from using all its tools for 5 years, and this will continue at least another year.  This six years will translate to six years delay in the implementation of whatever advances can be made from this technique. Your kids will be the ones to suffer.  How many hundred thousand people in this country and around the world will die or be disabled as a result of this delay?  

What arrogance, what foolishness, what a tragedy, we have seen this week.  

Explain this to others, every chance you get.

Some have reasoned that the absence of the military draft accounts for the absence of huge antiwar rallies, because our young people don’t see their lives as being at stake.

Make your kids and other young people, and their parents understand that Bush is killing them just as surely with his veto of embryonic stem cell research, and that Congressmen who voted not to override the veto have done the same.

This is such tragedy.


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