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Arizona: Don’t go there unless you are armed, white, and ready to fight.

Another homicidal maniac in Arizona. Yawn.

One of the staunch allies of both Arpaio and Pearce in their fight against the brown people was an out-and-out Nazi named J.T. Ready – although, eventually, even Pearce distanced himself from Ready and the armband crowd.

Yesterday, J. T. Ready went into a home in Gilbert, Arizona and blew-away four people and then himself, which was definitely doing things in the wrong order. Guilt-by-association, hell. Local politicians in Arizona have been playing footsie with murderous hoodlums for going on a decade now; the Phoenix New Times has done some very brave reporting on this, and my buddy Dave Niewert has been tracking the nexus of what he calls “the eliminationists” and mainstream politicians out west for over 20 years. Quite simply, responsible authorities in Arizona should have put a stop to this years ago. Russell Pearce testified before Congress. There are levels of madness out there in the land that we can’t possibly fathom.

“Guns save lives.” Funny how that doesn’t ring true.

Contrary to what my friends say, Arizona is not a joke. It is a hellhole of hatred, racism, gunplay I mean murder, and corruption. Oh, I forgot insanity. Their major concern is whether there is a single place in the entire state where mentally challenged, emotional-disrupted and/or underage persons cannot legally carry (in plain view, or hidden), and brandish or discharge, fully loaded assault weapons. Because more guns in more places is the only thing that can make life in Arizona into a delight.

Good luck with that. And don’t expect to see my shining face anytime soon.



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Sanford FL: Game on….


Trayvon Martin, stalked and murdered, dead at age 17.

Seeing that the Sanford, Florida, police don’t care to protect children from stalker murderers, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if parents started arming their children with firearms. Either that, or move out, I’d say. Gun battles may ensue. But that’s what Florida wanted when they passed the “stand your ground” law, that’s what the NRA wanted, that’s what racists wanted, that’s what Republicans wanted, and they should get what they want. I expect by next year the legislature will vote to make automatic weapons and hand grenades freely available at convenience stores, to anyone who wants them. That should make the process more exciting, more like a John Wayne movie, more efficient.

Of course, to sane people, it may seem like a horrendous nightmare

ABC News was there exclusively as the 16-year-old girl told Crump about the last moments of the teenager’s life.

“He said this man was watching him, so he put his hoodie on. He said he lost the man,” Martin’s friend said. “I asked Trayvon to run, and he said he was going to walk fast. I told him to run but he said he was not going to run.”

Eventually he would run, said the girl, thinking that he’d managed to escape. But suddenly the strange man was back, cornering Martin.

“Trayvon said, ‘What, are you following me for,’ and the man said, ‘What are you doing here.’ Next thing I hear is somebody pushing, and somebody pushed Trayvon because the head set just fell. I called him again and he didn’t answer the phone.”

The line went dead. Besides screams heard on 911 calls that night as Martin and Zimmerman scuffled, those were the last words he said.

Trayvon’s phone logs, also obtained exclusively by ABC News, show the conversation occurred five minutes before police first arrived on scene. The young woman’s parents asked that her name not be used, and that only an attorney could ask her questions.

Martin’s father, Tracey Martin, and mother, Sybrina Fulton, listened to the call along with ABC News, ashen-faced.

“He knew he was being followed and tried to get away from the guy, and the guy still caught up with him,” Tracey Martin said. “And that’s the most disturbing part. He thought he had got away from the guy and the guy back-tracked for him.”

The teen was killed by Zimmerman while walking back to his father’s fiancés home after stepping out to buy Skittles and some iced tea during the NBA All-Star Game. After weeks of relentless pressure, the Sanford Police have decided to release emergency and non-emergency calls placed during the incident.

But what are the concerns of friends, parents, families, when compared with the racist gun-toting fantasies of white men?

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Will CNN stop sponsoring the egregious racist Republican assault on President Obama?

This is the most disgusting display of partisanship and racism in recent American history, and it is being sponsored by our media.

After giving Mark Williams, one of the leaders of the Tea Party movement, weeks of free publicity, CNN finally took the conservative activist to task on Monday, calling him out for describing President Barack Obama as a “racist-in-chief” and “an Indonesian Muslim turned welfare thug.”

Williams, who is vice-chairman of Our Country Deserves Better, the group organizing the Tea Parties, and whom CNN has described as “the showman” of the Tea Party organizers, defended the statements, which he made on his blog.

The blog posting in question appears to have been removed.

During a panel discussion on AC 360 Monday, host Anderson Cooper asked Williams: “Do you believe [the president is] Indonesian? Do you believe he’s a Muslim? Do you really believe he’s a welfare thug?”

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