Now that he’s been “cleared,” what will Mike Leach do next to his Washington State football players?

leachTexas Tech was shocked by football coach Mike Leach’s treatment of a kid with a concussion, and fired Leach. Washington State is seeing the same side of Leach, and so far seems to be successfully ignoring it. Some players have already quit, and others with injuries are being cut from the team. But the headlines say Leach has been “cleared.” Reading the documents, I think “cleared” would better be spelled “whitewashed.”

Of course, the team is losing, and Over the Line, Smokey! is reminded of the old saw: “the beatings will continue until morale improves.” I would caution the president of Washington State University: You, sir or madam, are responsible.

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4 responses to “Now that he’s been “cleared,” what will Mike Leach do next to his Washington State football players?

  1. Joe Winston

    How dare you make insinuations without bolstering said insinuations with fact. I’ll give you some facts. Both James and Johnson are lazy, prima donnas and while Leach will suffer a prima donna, he won’t suffer a lazy, entitled one, and he ran both those boys, or made them run more than the rest of the team, a punishment meted out by every Little League, Pop Warner, high school, college and professional coach in the land. Adam James was strutting around the practice field in his Oakley shades (during a NIGHT practice at Jones-AT&T Stadium, if that gives you any idea what a poseur he is) and Leach make him stand in a climate controlled Media Room, and you know the rest of that story. I am not familiar with the facts of the Marquis Johnson case, except that he too has the reputation of being a shirker, which, of course, Mike Leach hates, as should any coach at any level.

    Leach is a tough coach, probably much tougher than the average coach, but he is passionate about football, and passionate about winning. He is also a brilliant tactician. His record speaks for himself and many, many of his ex-players have gone on to NFL success and many of his assistants and ex-players have become successful coaches themselves, perhaps most notably Kliff Kingsbury at Texas Tech. You’ve got a tiny little corner of the internet here, don’t smear it with crap like so many do with other little corners of the internet with your weak hatchet job. Have a little respect for yourself your readers and for the great men you attempt to sling muck at and replace your innuendoes with fact.

  2. James Wharton

    Were there is smoke there is fire! Leach is an abusive coach to players of today. Sure, us old guy played under coaches who did things that would get them fired today. Water breaks were for guy who were out of shape! WSU can clear Leach and continue with his antics but in the long run recruiting is going to suffer. Most college players are not looking for a program where surviving practice is the litmus test.

  3. rick harkins

    Nice hatchet job. Too bad it’s short on facts.

  4. Over The Line, Smokey! loves comments that begin with “how dare you…”. What are you, some 19th century fan of glove-slapping and duels? man up, threaten to sue me, or something other than the namby pamby knuckle rapping you learned in Catholic school.

    If Mike Leach can make Washington State into a winner with these steps, I am sure he will be allowed to continue to take these steps (short of some sort of actual mayhem). But he won’t, and he won’t. This isn’t 1971, and it isn’t Texas.

    Come back and kiss my ring when he gets fired in not more than three years.

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